Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to blogging

Now that my new boy child is able to entertain himself for extended periods of time I've decided that I should start to do something other then watch Gossip Girl while he is being busy. Man I love/hate that show.

And now I will summarize the events of past year for you.

We moved into my in-laws basement.
tiny home

I had a baby.
photo by Beccy

My lady child started preschool and ballet.
pretty lady :)

Then she turned 5.
photo by Kaneischa

My boy child learned to crawl.
overalls :)

We almost bought a house.
this isn't the house

I made a new friend.
(not an easy thing for me)
photo by Kaniescha

I met Stephen Groo

I decided to go to esthetician school, then didn't.
scientific image of a zit

I bought a floral jumpsuit.
I'm not in this picture

I was reborn here.
thank you velour

I celebrated Star Wars day.

I watched my new favorite movie.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt kicks ass

My hubby bought me an iPhone.

I decided to make a movie and then go to esthetician school.
it's gonna be GREAT

I decided to start blogging again.
Lucky you.

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  1. hooray for this blog post. lets watch gossip girl together