Monday, April 5, 2010

Here is his freaky little face looking right at you.

So we are having a boy and have decided to name him Phineas. Emma has decided to name him Chippy. It's all good. I think Chippy is a fantastic nick name. We will most definitely call him that on a regular basis. What's great though is that whenever I call him Phin, Emma violently corrects me by yelling "Chippy!". We've had to have a few chats about how we have several names that we can use Chippy being one of them. She hasn't quite gotten her head wrapped around that one yet.

This is his profile. As it says on the photo.

Anyway. Emma Quote with back story.

While driving we past a cemetery and Emma was quite intrigued by the, what seemed to her, random "stones and rocks in the park". We then explained what a cemetery was and about death yada yada yada. It ended up being a about a 10 min conversation. This is what she came away with.

When we die and put a stone over our body and get a box to keep us safe from ants we will go and live with heavenly father. But I don't know where heavenly father lives.

*sigh* She's so awesome. I hope Chippy Phin is just a cool.

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