Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emma Quotes!

Daddy's in an angry world today. (HAHA)

I want to be in space to meet Jesus.

I had this little conversation with my mom and I didn't lie.

If it's a little less formal then I need to put it on.

Stop messing with the necklace I'm making shapes with or I will broke your arm.

Can I have some gum? I need some more gum energy.

I spy with my little eye something Caucasian.

We all just need to drive to heaven.

Dad you are being wicked to trick me to be mean.


  1. emma has the greatest vocabulary and phrasing of anyone i know. she is so funny. i need to call you guys, things have been crazy lately which is why i haven't. hope you are doing well.

  2. Yes you do! Hopefully it's been a good crazy :)