Sunday, December 13, 2009

So here are the Emma Quotes up to about 3 weeks ago. So you my be familiar with most of them. P.S. Fried turkey rocks.

Mom I want to see a little bunny rabbit that likes me.

I want a snake for Christmas cause I'm a little girl!

Oh mom! I should live with animals.

I will handle this myself.

It's not a lap top mom it's a computer. Duh.

If you don't, I will cry until you laugh!

You just made my life broken!

Well that was pretty effective.

It's good to say duh. It's helpful and healthy. (I love that one)

Dad I'm going to scare away your headache. RRRRROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRR!!!!!!

I want some pretend legs to wear on my real legs. That's what people do.

(looking into the toilet tank with the lid off as it flushes) Oh so that's how it works. I see.

(very calmly) You're messing up my life.

Will you keep it safe from the ants?!?!

Nobody cars about me.

I got hurt by the giant peek-o-boo book.

What an awesome kid I have!!!

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  1. hahahaha she is hilarious. i hope my kids are that rad.