Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Emma has been talking a lot about how she wants imaginary things to be real. She wants to go to a real diamond castle, have a real magic wand, climb a wall like a spider, and my personal favorite, "fly through the air like a fairy with wings". And who wouldn't want all of those things? I know I do. Some of my happiest dreams are when I'm dancing through the air (I don't fly I dance) beautiful and graceful. But what really pisses me off is that not only can I NOT have them myself, I can't give them to her either. The best I can do is give her another pair of cheap wings that will fall apart within a year. Lame. So the two of us will continue to watch classic "take you away from reality" movies like Willow, Labyrinth, Star Wars and The Fifth Element just to name a few. But my preferred way of getting though the day is by repeating to myself what I know to be true. There really is a Stargate, and I am the reincarnated form of the great Jedi master Tes Dar Knok.

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