Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I chose this pic because it looks like she could be telling someone that they are "so very rude".

We find out in 4 days what we are having. Emma thinks it's a girl. I figure either way we'll get some good Emma Quotes.

(leaving to go to a friends house) Bye mom! I will remember to be good and those other words you said!

Oh she also had her first negative boy interaction. She was telling some little boys not to do something and they told her to "go back to space". She stomped back over to me and said that they were "so very rude!". HAHA! Oh man I love it.


  1. hahhaha oh man. go back to space. clever little rats.

  2. Didn't even know this existed! You title it as if that were a bad thing....

  3. ummm. This is Denise. I dont know why it keeps calling me Affinity but I'm getting bugged.

  4. I'm bugged as well. Stupid blogspot.